2023 September 28

Youth Movement Unites Generations in a Nostalgic Gathering at Cathedral of Christ the King

In a heartwarming event that bridged the generations within the Youth Movement of the Diocese, senior members were honoured and celebrated at a special gathering held at the Chapter House of the Cathedral of Christ the King in Kurunegala.

The event, organized by the Youth Movement, aimed to foster a sense of unity and continuity by bringing together both past and present members. Despite the evolution of leadership within the movement, the timeless wisdom and legacy of senior members who played pivotal roles in its formation and growth were prominently acknowledged.

Numerous priests from the diocese, along with a vibrant mix of past and current youth members, joined hands to make this occasion truly special. The Chapter House echoed with laughter, shared stories, and a palpable sense of camaraderie as past members walked down memory lane, reminiscing about their youthful days in the movement and the churches that shaped them.

The highlight of the day was the exchange of invaluable advice between the seasoned veterans and the current youth, fostering an intergenerational dialogue that enriched both parties. The event also served as a platform for discussing short and long-term goals for the Youth Movement.

The Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, the esteemed Bishop of the Diocese, graced the gathering with his presence and was presented with a meaningful souvenir as a token of gratitude by the members of the Youth Movement. This memorable day not only celebrated the roots of the Youth Movement but also planted seeds for its future growth, ensuring a continuum of faith, fellowship, and shared aspirations.