2023 September 01

School Children's Leadership Programme Strengthens Bonds and Faith in Thalawa

A two-day School Children's Leadership Programme held on August 29th and 30th, 2023, at the Bishop Andrew Kumarage Memorial Centre in Thalawa brought together young minds in a remarkable display of leadership, faith-building, and camaraderie. The event saw the active participation of Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, Archdeacon Ven. Anton Williams, Priest in Charge of Church of the Living Christ, Thalawa Rev. Jude Jayamanna, Rev. Ranjana Laksiri, and Rev. Navin Sanjaya Gamage.

The programme was a resounding success, with children from the parish enthusiastically participating in a wide range of activities that fostered their leadership skills and strengthened their friendships within the community. The event was a testament to the commitment of the local clergy and organizers to nurture the next generation of leaders and faithful individuals.

The School Children's Leadership Programme featured various activities designed to engage and inspire young participants. From team-building exercises to creative workshops, the children were encouraged to explore their leadership potential and develop essential life skills. The event also emphasized the importance of faith and religious knowledge, with dedicated sessions for prayers and discussions on spirituality.

One of the highlights of the programme was the active involvement of the Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando shared his wisdom and insights with the young attendees. His presence served as a source of inspiration and motivation for the children as they embarked on their leadership journey.

The Archdeacon Ven. Anton Williams, along with Rev. Jude Jayamanna, Rev. Ranjana Laksiri, and Rev. Navin Sanjaya Gamage, played pivotal roles in guiding the children through the programme's various activities. Their dedication to the youth of the parish was evident throughout the event.

The School Children's Leadership Programme was not only about fostering leadership skills but also about strengthening bonds within the community. Children had the opportunity to interact with their peers from the parish, forging new friendships and deepening existing ones. This sense of unity and belonging was a vital aspect of the event's success.

Organizers expressed their gratitude to the resource persons who played a crucial role in making the programme a reality. Their expertise and guidance were instrumental in ensuring that the children had a meaningful and enriching experience.

The event reached its culmination with a memorable campfire night, where children gathered around the warm fire to share stories and experiences. This moment of togetherness provided a perfect ending to a remarkable event that will be remembered by all who attended.