2023 August 13

Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando Concludes Inspirational Pastoral Visits

Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando recently concluded a series of impactful pastoral visits to various congregations within the Diocese of Kurunagala. His journey took him to the House Church of Madahapola on August 5th and the serene Christ Church in Siyabalangamuwa on August 13th.

Madahapola House Church Visit

The House Church of Madahapola, though lacking dedicated church premises and physical structure, shines as a testament to the profound power of faith within a close-knit community. On August 5th, Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando graced this House Church with his presence, marking a significant day in the lives of its members. The highlight of this visit was the confirmation of several individuals.

Siyabalangamuwa Christ Church Visit

On August 13th, Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando embarked on another pastoral journey, this time to the Christ Church in Siyabalangamuwa. The Bishop was joined by Rev. Samantha Kumara Seneviratne and Rev. Victor Banilow Francis.

What made this visit truly remarkable was the unity displayed between different Christian churches in the area. Leaders from the Salvation Army Church joined the congregation, emphasizing the importance of interdenominational harmony. The church was adorned with decorations that reflected the sense of celebration, and the traditional flag post was ceremoniously raised, marking the occasion with cultural significance.

The day reached its culmination with a shared meal, symbolizing the bond that unites the community. A service led by Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando himself provided spiritual nourishment, allowing the congregation to reflect on their faith and the sense of togetherness that defined the day's events.

As Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando concluded these pastoral visits, the echoes of his words and blessings lingered in the hearts of those he touched. These visits not only reaffirmed the strength of faith within the Diocese of Kurunagala but also underscored the importance of unity and community in the realm of spirituality. The impact of these visits will continue to resonate, inspiring all to embrace the values of compassion, fellowship, and devotion.