2023 June 09

Installation Service of the New Archdeacon

In a historic event held at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Kurunegala, the Diocese of Kurunagala welcomed its new Archdeacon, Ven. Rev. Anton Williams. The appointment of Rev. Williams marks a significant milestone for the diocese, as he becomes the 10th Archdeacon to hold this esteemed position.

The previous Archdeacon, Rev. George Melder, concluded his term with grace and dedication, leaving behind a legacy of service and commitment to the diocese. The transition from one Archdeacon to another was marked by a special installation service, attended by a crowd of enthusiastic supporters and priests from all parishes within the Diocese of Kurunagala.

The installation service was a momentous occasion, filled with prayers, blessings, and words of encouragement. The Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, the Bishop of the Diocese, took part in the ceremony and offered his blessings to Rev. Anton Williams as he assumed his new role. The presence of the Bishop at the installation service emphasized the significance of this event for the entire diocese.

Not only were members of the Anglican community present, but representatives from other Christian denominations, including Methodist, Salvation Army, and Roman Catholic churches, also participated in the service. This interfaith show of support highlighted the spirit of unity and collaboration among different Christian churches in the region.

The installation service was conducted by Rev. Sarath Laksiri Peiris, who led the congregation in prayers and hymns, creating an atmosphere of reverence and joy.

The community expressed their warm wishes and support for Rev. Anton Williams as he embarked on this new chapter of his ministry. The Archdeacon's role is crucial in providing spiritual leadership and guidance to the diocese, and Rev. Williams is well-regarded for his dedication, compassion, and deep-rooted faith.

With the installation of Rev. Anton Williams, the Diocese of Kurunagala looks forward to continued growth, development, and the pursuit of its mission to serve the Anglican community and the wider society. As the new Archdeacon, Rev. Williams will play a vital role in fostering unity, promoting spiritual growth, and addressing the needs of the faithful in the Diocese of Kurunagala.

කුරුණෑගල, ක්‍රිස්තු රජිඳු මුල් දෙව්මැදුරේ පැවති විශේෂ මෙහෙයකදී, ලංකා සභාවේ කුරුණෑගල දියෝකීසිය විසින් එහි නව අනුනායක වන ගරු ඇන්ටන් විලියම්ස් පියතුමා පිළිගන්නා ලදී. විලියම්ස් පියතුමාගේ පත්වීම දියෝකීසියේ සුවිශේෂී සන්ධිස්ථානයක් සනිටුහන් කරයි, ඔහු මෙම ගෞරවනීය තනතුර දරන 10 වැනි අනුනායක බවට පත් වේ.