2023 July 08

Holy Emmanuel Church Youth Fellowship Collaborates with St. Andrew's Church for Eye Clinique and Library Inauguration

In a remarkable display of inter-church collaboration and community service, the Youth Fellowship of Holy Emmanuel Church, Moratuwa, Colombo Diocese, joined hands with members of St. Andrew's Church, Thalampitiya, to organize a successful Eye Clinique and inaugurate a brand new library within the church premises. The event took place on 08th July, drawing praise and gratitude from all those involved.

Under the guidance of their respective church committees, the youth fellowship from Holy Emmanuel Church, a spirited group known for their active involvement in community welfare projects, eagerly embraced the opportunity to extend a helping hand to St. Andrew's Church. Recognizing the importance of promoting healthcare and education, they planned and executed the eye clinic and library inauguration with remarkable dedication.

The Eye Clinique was a central focus of the event, aimed at providing much-needed eye care services to the local community. A team of qualified ophthalmologists and medical personnel volunteered their expertise to conduct eye examinations and distribute prescription glasses to those in need. The initiative proved to be a significant boon for the residents of Thalampitiya, many of whom had limited access to specialized medical care.

"We are truly grateful to our sponsor, whose generous support, combined with God's guidance, made this event possible and successful," said the organizing committee of the Holy Emmanuel Church Youth Fellowship. The benevolent contribution of the sponsor enabled them to set up the eye clinic with all the necessary equipment and supplies, making a tangible difference in the lives of numerous individuals.

Simultaneously, the church also celebrated the inauguration of a brand-new library, providing a valuable resource for the local community to expand their knowledge and foster a love for reading. The library project was a collaborative effort between both churches and was supported by donations from the Holy Emmanuel Church parishioners and members of the youth fellowship.

The cooperative spirit displayed by the Holy Emmanuel Church Youth Fellowship and St. Andrew's Church exemplifies the power of unity and collective action in serving the needs of the community. Through their joint efforts, they not only provided vital healthcare assistance but also fostered a nurturing environment for education and personal growth.

As this joint initiative sets an inspiring example, both churches hope that their efforts will inspire others to come together.