2023 November 10

Global Gathering of Anglican Bishops at Canterbury Cathedral for Training and Collaboration

Canterbury, England - In a historic assembly, 28 bishops from 17 member Churches of the Anglican Communion have congregated at Canterbury Cathedral for a specialized training program. This unique initiative, known as the New Bishop's Program, spans from October 30 to November 11, 2023.

The bishops, representing various corners of the globe, are engaging in a period of intensive training, peer mentoring, and the exchange of experiences. Canterbury Cathedral, revered as the Mother Church of the Anglican Communion, serves as the backdrop for this enriching endeavour.

Among the distinguished participants is Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, the Bishop of Kurunagala Diocese. His involvement highlights the global and inclusive nature of this training initiative.

The program extends beyond Canterbury, with additional sessions scheduled at Lambeth Palace, where bishops will interact with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion office in London. The agenda also includes visits to significant sites such as St. Augustine Abbey, providing participants with a holistic experience that blends training with historical and cultural exploration.

This gathering underscores the Anglican Communion's commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and enhancing leadership skills among its bishops. As the bishops immerse themselves in this comprehensive training experience, the hope is that the impact will reverberate across their respective dioceses, contributing to the growth and resilience of the Anglican Church worldwide.