2023 July 16

Feast of St. Mary's Church in Jakaduwa Celebrated with Bishop Nishantha Fernando

On 16th July 2023, the small village of Jakaduwa celebrated the Feast of St. Mary's Church with Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando joining in. The villagers warmly welcomed the Bishop to the festivities.

St. Mary's Church, located amidst beautiful mountains and paddy fields, is an essential spiritual place for the local community. This year's celebration was made special by Bishop Nishantha Fernando's presence, known for his caring leadership and dedication.

The event started with a colourful procession led by the devoted Priest, Rev. Stanley Premakumara. Excitement filled the air as the villagers greeted their beloved Bishop.

The main ceremony took place in the beautifully decorated St. Mary's Church, where Bishop Nishantha Fernando conducted a special mass. He spoke about love, unity, and compassion within the community and praised the parishioners for their devotion.

Rev. Seetha Marasinghe, another respected clergy member, also attended the celebration, adding to its spiritual significance.

The Feast of St. Mary's Church in Jakaduwa was not only a time of celebration but also a reminder of the strong community bonds and the power of faith. The presence of Bishop Nishantha Fernando and the esteemed clergy members made the occasion even more special.