2023 June 05

Diocese of Kurunegala Celebrates World Environment Day

In a remarkable display of environmental consciousness, all the parishes within the Diocese of Kurunegala came together to celebrate World Environment Day 2023 with a series of impactful initiatives. The day was marked by planting various types of plants, spreading environmental awareness through sermons and worship, and fostering a deep commitment to preserving nature.

Under the guidance of Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, the bishop of the Diocese of Kurunagala, each parish actively participated in the World Environment Day celebrations. Parishioners, clergy members, and volunteers joined hands to organize various activities that highlighted the importance of safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Simultaneously, the parishes organized sermons and worship focused on environmental awareness and conservation. By incorporating environmental themes into their religious teachings, the clergy sought to instil a sense of responsibility towards nature among the congregation.

The Diocese of Kurunegala's celebration of World Environment Day serves as a shining example of how faith-based communities can contribute meaningfully to environmental conservation. By intertwining religious beliefs with environmental stewardship, the parishes have taken a significant step towards building a greener and more sustainable future.