2023 October 22

Diocese of Kurunagala Takes Strides for Community Health with Two Informative Programs

The Diocese of Kurunagala committed to the holistic well-being of its communities, organized two impactful programs focusing on health awareness. On October 22nd, an enlightening session on Child Cancer Awareness took place at the Church of Christ the King in Rathmeewala, organized by the benevolent efforts of the Leo Club of Pilimathalawa as part of their social outreach program.

Rev. Anurudhdha Bandara, the priest in charge of the Church of Christ the King, lent his support to this initiative, emphasizing the importance of community awareness in addressing health challenges. The event saw the participation of resource persons who provided valuable insights into child cancer, educating elders, and distributing informative leaflets to the attendees. The program is not only aimed at raising awareness but also fostering a sense of solidarity within the community to tackle health issues collectively.

On the preceding day, October 21st, the community of the Church of the Living Christ in Thalawa took the lead in promoting health by organizing a Dengue Eradication Awareness session in Kekirawa town. The session was graced by the presence of Rev. Ranjana Laksiri and Rev. Thanuja Jayasinghe, who actively participated in guiding the community towards effective preventive measures.

The outreach effort included the display of informative hoardings in the public spaces of Kekirawa town, educating residents on practical methods of dengue eradication in their surroundings. This proactive approach aimed to empower the community with knowledge and strategies to combat the spread of dengue fever, a prevalent health concern in many tropical regions.

Both events underscored the Diocese's commitment to fostering a healthier and more informed community. By addressing critical health issues such as child cancer and dengue eradication, the Diocese of Kurunagala demonstrated its dedication to the well-being of its members, reflecting the spirit of compassion and community service at the heart of its mission.