2023 June 05

Diocese of Kurunagala Releases Environment Policy Booklet

In a significant step towards promoting environmental conservation and protection, the Environment Committee of the Diocese of Kurunagala compiled and handed over an extensive Environment Policy Booklet to Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando on May 5, 2023. The booklet, aimed at guiding the Christian community within the Diocese, outlines essential policies to safeguard and preserve God's environment.

This booklet addressing environmental conservation has been compiled by a group of dedicated individuals, including Ven. George Melder, Dr Lakmini Illangasinghe, Prof. Nedra Karunaratne, Mr Senerath Yatawara, Mr Kingsley Anthonythasan, Ms Andrea John, Rev. Rasika Abeysinghe, and members of the Diocesan Environment Committee. Additionally, the booklet's translation was expertly handled by Mrs Lakdini Panditharatne and Mr Chandra Kumar, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience.

The honourable task of presenting the Environment Policy Booklet to the Bishop was undertaken by Rev. Mahesh Hemachandra, Chairperson of the Board of Religious Education. During the handover ceremony, Rev. Jesmin Selvaratnam, the Chapter Clerk of Kandy Deanery, was also present, supporting this vital initiative.

The Diocese of Kurunagala's Environment Committee has been at the forefront of organizing programs and activities to educate the Christian community about the significance of environmental conservation. Under the purview of the Bishop of Kurunagala, the committee has undertaken various initiatives to raise awareness and encourage sustainable practices among Christians. The recently published Environment Policy Booklet is expected to serve as a comprehensive guide for all Christians within the Diocese of Kurunagala, offering valuable insights and practical recommendations for protecting fauna, flora, and natural resources.

With the distribution of this policy booklet, the Diocese of Kurunagala aims to inspire and encourage its Christian community to become responsible stewards of the environment. By incorporating the principles outlined in the booklet into their daily lives, individuals can contribute to the larger cause of environmental preservation and create a more sustainable future.

Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando expressed his gratitude towards the Environment Committee for their dedication and efforts in compiling this invaluable resource.

The release of the Environment Policy Booklet by the Diocese of Kurunagala serves as a significant milestone in the journey towards environmental consciousness and sustainable living. As Christians within the Diocese embrace these policies, they will undoubtedly play a crucial role in nurturing and safeguarding the environment for generations to come.

You can download the PDF version of the booklet in all three languages - Sinhala, Tamil, and English - from the Publications section of our website, allowing easy access for individuals seeking valuable information on environmental conservation.