2023 June 29

Diocese of Kurunagala Launches Email Newsletter

The Diocese of Kurunagala, Sri Lanka, has recently embarked on a new initiative to enhance communication and outreach within its Anglican community. The Web Administration team of the diocese has introduced an Email Newsletter, with the aim of bridging the gap and reaching out to distant members of the community. The first edition of the newsletter for the month of June 2023 has been released, marking an important milestone in the diocese's journey towards embracing modern technology.

Over the past year, the Diocese of Kurunagala has made significant strides in its online presence by launching a contemporary website and the official Facebook page. Recognizing the potential of digital platforms for fostering connections and disseminating information, the diocese has now taken the next step by introducing the Email Newsletter.

The newsletter is designed to provide timely updates, news, and announcements related to the diocese and its various activities. By utilizing email as a means of communication, the Diocese of Kurunagala aims to ensure that crucial information reaches its members, regardless of their geographical location.

The diocese encourages all members, near and far, to register for the newsletter by clicking the following link: Click here to register for the newsletter. By registering, individuals will receive regular updates and stay informed about the diocese's initiatives, programs, and services.

In the spirit of keeping the community informed, the Diocese of Kurunagala has released the first edition of the Email Newsletter for June 2023. The newsletter covers a range of topics, including upcoming events, news highlights and inspirational articles. Members can access the latest newsletter by clicking the following link: Click here to view the latest newsletter.

As the Diocese of Kurunagala continues its digital journey, it invites all its members to join the newsletter and stay connected with the community.