2023 October 28

Diocese of Kurunagala Launches Inaugural Training Program for Diocesan Lay Preachers

The Diocese of Kurunagala marked a significant milestone on October 28, 2023, as the inaugural training program for Diocesan Lay Preachers was held at the Chapter House of the Cathedral of Christ the King. The event was led by the esteemed Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, accompanied by a dedicated group of individuals from the diocese who shared a common interest in furthering their understanding of lay preaching. Rev. John Anthony Perananthan, the coordinator, led all the sessions of this training program with vast experience as a senior clergy member of the diocese.

The training session, a collaborative effort to empower individuals within the diocese, drew participants from both the Sinhala and Tamil communities, reflecting the unity and diversity within the congregation.

The training program benefited from the presence of an experienced retired priest, who, alongside Bishop Nishantha Fernando, played a pivotal role in guiding the participants through the various aspects of lay preaching. As this was the first session of many to come, the organizers expressed their enthusiasm for the potential impact the initiative could have on strengthening the diocese's outreach.

The session focused on imparting knowledge about the liturgy specific to the Diocese of Kurunagala. Participants gained insights into the rituals, practices, and traditions that define the diocese's worship services. The program's comprehensive approach aimed to equip lay preachers with a deep understanding of the theological and practical aspects of their role.

Before delving into the sessions, Bishop Nishantha Fernando led a heartfelt prayer, seeking blessings for the success and growth of this new training initiative. The prayer emphasized the hope that the program would inspire many men and women within the diocese to actively engage in spreading the teachings of the Lord among their communities.

The Diocese of Kurunagala anticipates that this pioneering initiative will encourage more individuals to participate in future training sessions, fostering a community of passionate lay preachers dedicated to building the Kingdom of the Lord. As the program continues, it is expected to play a crucial role in nurturing a cadre of individuals committed to sharing the word of the Lord and contributing to the spiritual growth of the community.