2023 November 12

Digital Transformation Marks a Year of Progress for Diocese

Celebrating a year since the launch of our Diocese's digital makeover, we reflect on the strides made in enhancing connectivity and sharing religious knowledge.

In a visionary move, the Diocese embarked on a journey towards digital transformation, marking the one-year anniversary of the launch of its revamped website. The modernized platform not only serves as a hub for timely community updates but also boasts an insightful blog featuring the profound religious knowledge of our priests.

Analytics revealed a global audience eager to engage with our content, underscoring the impact of sharing our religious wisdom beyond geographical boundaries. A monthly email newsletter was introduced, bridging the gap for members physically distant from churches, and fostering a sense of connection and unity.

A groundbreaking pilot project emerged, automating member information management in churches across Aranayake, Kadugannawa, and Rathmeewala. This initiative, spearheaded by Rev. Anurudhdha Bandara, the Rural Dean of the Kandy Deanery, streamlined reporting, reminders, and family information management, benefitting clergy and staff.

Another milestone in the Diocese's digital evolution is the launch of its official Facebook page. Consolidating social media updates in one place, this move fosters community engagement and accessibility.

Rev. Anuruddha Bandara, the Rural Dean of the Kandy Deanery, stands as the driving force behind the Diocese's successful digital transformation. His leadership has not only reshaped the online presence of the Diocese but has also revitalized its engagement with the global community.

Credit for these transformative initiatives also goes to Mr. Lanil Marasinghe, an experienced Software Engineering Manager and a member of the Diocese. Reflecting on the journey, he acknowledges the tardiness in embracing digital trends but highlights the newfound benefits, urging the younger generation to contribute to the ongoing digital initiatives.

"As a traditional church, we were late to the digital game, but now we see its profound impact. Our digital footprint sets us apart in the modern world," Mr Marasinghe expresses gratitude to Rev. Anurudhdha Bandara for the opportunity to contribute skills to the church, emphasizing the need for continual improvement in the digital realm.

The Diocese's digital evolution stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in advancing the mission of the church in the contemporary world.