2023 October 01

Children's Day Celebrations Radiate Joy Across Diocese of Kurunagala

The Diocese of Kurunagala was filled with laughter, creativity, and the pure exuberance of youth as Children's Day was joyously celebrated across several churches on October 1st. The festivities, organized with love and care, brought together children, teachers, and clergy in a spirit of camaraderie and gratitude.

At St. Mary's Preschool, nestled within St. Mary's Church in Madulkale, the day unfolded as a vibrant and lively affair. Preschool kids, teachers, and clergy joined hands in festivities that included special activities designed for the little ones. Laughter echoed in the air as children engaged in games, songs, and interactive sessions, fostering an atmosphere of joy and innocence.

In Rambukkana, the House Church took a creative turn in celebrating Children's Day. Rev. Hasitha Jayawardane organized an art competition, providing children with an avenue to showcase their artistic talents. The church premises transformed into an art gallery as young minds expressed themselves through colours and creativity.

Meanwhile, at St. Philip & James Church in Aragoda, Children's Day unfolded with the energetic participation of Rev. Shyamali Jayasinghe. The day was dedicated to the young ones, with activities that aimed not only to entertain but also to instil a sense of gratitude. Children enthusiastically expressed their appreciation for their teachers and elders, creating heartwarming moments of connection.

In each celebration, the emphasis was not only on fun and games but also on instilling values that are foundational to the church community. The children, in their exuberance, took a moment to express gratitude to their teachers and elders, recognizing the importance of guidance and support.

As the Diocese of Kurunagala celebrated Children's Day, there was a collective hope and prayer that this young community would continue to be a vital part of the church's journey. The festivities were more than just a moment of joy; they were a symbol of continuity, with the younger generation poised to carry forward the traditions and faith of the church into the future.