2023 November 26

Centenary Celebration and Consecration Mark Historic Day for St. Andrew's Church, Meethanwala

The historic St. Andrew's Church in Meethanwala celebrated its centenary with great joy and reverence on November 11, as the newly renovated church building was consecrated in the presence of the Rt. Rev Bishop Nishantha Fernando and former bishop Rt. Rev. Keerthisiri Fernando. The ceremony was attended by several other priests who joined the occasion at the invitation of the priest in charge, Rev. Stanley Premakumara.

The church community extended a warm and vibrant welcome to the distinguished guests, including traditional dances and a colourful parade that reflected the rich cultural heritage of the congregation. The celebration was a testament to the unity and commitment of the church members who, along with generous donors, made the much-needed renovation of the church building possible.

Although the renovation is not yet fully complete, the congregation now has a beautifully restored and refurbished space for worship, reflecting the devotion and dedication of the community towards preserving the spiritual sanctity of their sacred space.

Reflecting on the history of St. Andrew's Church, it was first established in 1923 under the guidance of Rev. A.M. Womsley. The foundation stone was laid on February 17 of the same year by Lady F.G. Tirel, marking the beginning of a century-long journey of faith and community.

The church underwent its last major renovation in 1985, led by the then priest in charge, Rev. Udeni De Silva, and was consecrated by Bishop Rt. Rev. Andrew Kumarage. The current renovation, aligned with the centenary celebrations, pays homage to the rich history and enduring legacy of St. Andrew's Church.

The Rt. Rev Bishop Nishantha Fernando, during the ceremony, expressed his gratitude to the congregation for their unwavering support in preserving the church's heritage. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a spiritual haven that continues to inspire and nurture the community for generations to come.

The Centenary Celebration and Consecration of the renovated St. Andrew's Church stand as a testament to the resilience and faith of the community, marking a significant milestone in the history of this sacred place of worship.