2023 September 27

Bishop Nishantha Fernando's Pastoral Visits Bring Blessings to Kurunagala Diocese

The Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, Bishop of the Diocese of Kurunagala, undertook a series of pastoral visits last week to the picturesque mountainous regions of the diocese, spreading blessings and guidance among the faithful. The journey, which took place on September 24th, witnessed the Bishop's presence at several churches, including Holy Emmanuel Church in Delthota, All Saints' Church in Le Vellon Tea Estate, and St. Hilda's Church in Delta Estate, Pupurassa.

Holy Emmanuel Church, Delthota - A Day of Confirmation and Faith

On September 24th, Bishop Nishantha Fernando graced the Holy Emmanuel Church in Delthota with his presence. The highlight of his visit was the leadership of the confirmation service for numerous members of the congregation. The service was marked by a strong sense of spiritual significance as Bishop Fernando, and the Priest in Charge, Rev. Jebamalai Joachim, led the faithful in reaffirming their commitment to their Christian journey.

Later that day, the Bishop made his way to the All Saints' Church in Le Vellon Tea Estate. Although there were no special celebrations scheduled for that day, the presence of Bishop Nishantha Fernando was a blessing in itself. Rev. Jebamalai Joachim, the dedicated Priest in Charge of the parish, joined the Bishop for this visit, reinforcing the sense of community and unity among the clergy.

Continuing his tour of the picturesque mountainous region, Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando paid a visit to St. Hilda's Church in Delta Estate in Pupurassa. This historic church, nestled amidst the breathtaking tea estates and mountains, holds a unique place in the hearts of the locals. Although not actively functioning as a place of worship, the church's remarkable architecture and stunning location have made it a cherished landmark. During his visit, the Bishop supervised ongoing renovations aimed at preserving this architectural gem for future generations. Rev. Jebamalai Joachim, who also serves as the Priest in Charge of this church, provided invaluable assistance in this endeavour.

The Diocese of Kurunagala looks forward to more such enriching visits from their beloved Bishop, fostering a stronger sense of community and spiritual growth among its members.