2023 August 27

Annual Feast of Rambukkana House Church Celebrated with Enthusiasm

The annual feast of the House Church in Rambukkana took place on August 27th. The event saw the active participation of the House Church Community of Rambukkana, with the gracious presence of Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando.

The festive occasion was graced by several distinguished guests, including Bishop Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, who played a central role in the proceedings. Joining him were several revered priests: Rev. Anula M Muthugala Arachchi, Rev. Anthony Joseph Fernando, and Rev. Victor Banilow Francis. The event was held within the premises of the Salvation Army Church in Rambukkana, a place that has graciously supported the House Church's activities throughout the years.

The House Church concept, initially set in motion by Former Bishop Rt. Rev. Lakshaman Wickramasinghe has achieved remarkable success in extending its reach to far-flung rural communities. Rambukkana's House Church Community stands as a testament to the efficacy of this concept, steadily growing in size and devotion. As the congregation continues to expand, there is a collective hope for the acquisition of a permanent church building. This aspiration, though challenging, remains strong, and the faithful look to the Diocese of Kurunagala with prayers and optimism.

Let us join our hearts in prayer, aspiring for the realization of the House Church's dream of a permanent church building, and the Diocese of Kurunagala's success in reaching an even broader community within the Rambukkana region.