2023 December 03

Annual Feast at Church of Christ the King in Rathmeewala Celebrated with Bishop's Presence and Confirmations

On the 3rd of December 2023, the Church of Christ the King in Rathmeewala radiated with joy and spiritual fervour as it marked its annual feast, a cherished tradition celebrated with great enthusiasm by the local community. The special occasion was graced by the presence of the Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, the esteemed Bishop of the diocese.

The highlight of the annual feast was the confirmation ceremony led by Bishop Nishantha Fernando, during which 23 members of the congregation publicly affirmed their faith. This sacred rite was conducted with solemnity and reverence, signifying a significant moment in the spiritual journey of the newly confirmed members.

Adding to the spiritual significance of the event, Rev. Anurudhdha Bandara, the priest in charge and rural dean of the Kandy Deanery, also participated alongside Bishop Fernando. Their joint presence highlighted the unity and collaboration within the clergy, contributing to the sense of community and shared purpose.

In a touching moment, Bishop Fernando blessed the new members, offering words of guidance and encouragement as they embarked on their continued journey of faith. The confirmation ceremony was a powerful expression of commitment and devotion within the Church of Christ the King.

Respecting the rich traditions of the community, a vibrant and traditional parade was organized by the church community to welcome Bishop Nishantha Fernando. The parade, characterized by colourful displays and traditional elements, underscored the community's deep connection to its cultural heritage.

The warm and heartfelt welcome extended to Bishop Fernando by the Church of Christ the King community reflected the unity and joy that permeated the celebration. The Bishop's presence, combined with the confirmation of new members and the vibrant festivities, made the annual feast a memorable and spiritually uplifting event for all involved.

As the Church of Christ the King in Rathmeewala continues to thrive as a centre of faith and community, the annual feast serves as a testament to the enduring spirit and devotion of its members, guided by the leadership of Bishop Nishantha Fernando and the dedicated clergy.