St John's Boy's Home - Kegalle

Established in 1943, the St. John's Boys' Home now has 40 children in residence. Resources that exist do not permit us to increase the number of children. Although it is necessary to renovate the buildings and improve infrastructure facilities at the Home, priority has to be given to basic needs such as meals, clothing, health, education and spiritual development.

We respectfully remember that it was in 1943 that this home started with the good thoughts and guidance of the Rev. Bertram Wickramanayake. The age limit for admission to the orphanage is 5 years to 18 years, according to the Christian Church, the Department of Probation and Child Care, and Court Orders, all children, despite race or religion, are children of Jesus of the creation, so "do not forsake infants ..." It is an institution dedicated to children.

Recent updates

We were able to continue our development services and education despite any difficulties and challenges. Two of our children passed the G.C.E (Ordinary) Level Examination and started their Advanced Level education. I am pleased to announce that in the year 2022, our three (03) students are preparing for the G.C.E (Advanced Level) and G.C.E (Ordinary Level) examinations. They also take extra classes in Mathematics, Music, Computer and Technology and English. I would like to mention that the Rev. Mahesh Hemachandra has rendered an honorable service to the religious programs conducted by the Kurunegala Board of Religious Education through Zoom Technology. Our thanks to him. The Department of Probation and Child Care has done a lot of development work, providing agricultural training, workers training, "Be Happy" skills development for children, health and nutrition awareness, and counseling once a month.

We are pleased to announce that the Governor of Sabaragamuwa Province Tikiri Kobbekaduwa has taken the lead in the Education, Farm and Performance Programs for Children's Homes in the Sabaragamuwa Province and received colorful gifts. We are proud.


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St John's Boy's Home - KegalleSt John's Boy's Home - Kegalle