Missionary Areas

I'm not looking for the offer. I'm looking for the reward for overcharging your account.

- Philippians 4:17

Recent updates

We would like to thank Mrs. Mihiri Fernando, who on several occasions assisted in the distribution of dry rations to the people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the Diocesan Office including the Venerable Archdeacon, the Mother's Union of St. Paul's Church and the entire family including Dr. Ms. Shyama Senaratne.

Since the walls of the Thambagalla Church are cracked and it is not possible to perform the Holy Eucharist, it is held every Sunday in the homes of the parishioners and the church is in the process of purchasing land for the area and building the Church. He was also able to carry out a project to provide chicks to parishioners in the area. We would like to thank all those who sponsored this project.

Nagollagama Home Church also has a very small number of parishioners and we appreciate the support given by the Venerable Archdeacon for the elderly and the sick in the area. Churches in Rambe, Ma-Eliya, Kimbulwana Oya and Madahapola celebrate one Holy Eucharist service per month, followed by a Prayer Service led by Brother Mark and Mrs. Minsha in the weeks. We appreciate the commitment of the Rev. Nuwan Seneviratne and Sevika Kusum.

The five brothers and sisters were sent to our missionary areas for field education from the Theological College and spent about ten days with us as a pre-training for their ministry. Rev. Dn. Ashoka Wickramage and Mrs. Anastasia appreciate their dedication to the missionary areas and thank the Venerable Archdeacon for his assistance in repairing the electrical wiring system of the Ganewatta Mission House. It should be noted that it is very important to work to fill the vacancies of clergy to perform a successful ministry in these areas.