Madolkelle Social Service Project

The Madulkelle Social Service Centre and Pre–School are 39 years old, having been started by Rt. Rev. Lakshman Wickramasinghe, the second Bishop of our Diocese. 41 children are studying in all three languages. The new curriculum is being taught under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Panvila Divisional Secretariat.

Recent updates

The pre-school commenced with the New Year with 41 children on 04th January 2021 along with 2020 children. Due to the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic, the preschool was closed from last April to November 2021. World Children's Day was celebrated via WhatsApp technology which allowed the children to present their talents on this day.

This year Pre-school re-opened on 3rd January 2022. The Thai Pongal festival was celebrated on 13th January 2022 with the participation of children. New students were welcomed on 27th January 2022. National Independence Day celebration was held on 03rd February 2022 with the children's procession. The Ministry of Education has extended the enrolment of the new students until March 2022 and the year 2021 end children's festival was held on 02nd March 2022. New Year traditions and rituals were taught to the children which coincide with the sports festival on 07th April 2022.

02 Project Committee meetings were held on 5th January and 23rd February 2022. At these meetings, we shared thoughts and concerns about the Archdeacon's miserable accident and expressed condolences to the late Mr. John Victor who served on the previous Committee.

Mrs. Wasantha Mary was recruited as the new teacher for the preschool in November 2021, as Ms. Krishnakumari left us. The preschool building and furniture were painted according to the modern pattern during the year 2022.

As a future plan, we are planning to conduct a workshop on “Learning methods of Pre-school children” by using modern electronic devices in connotation with the Panvila Divisional Secretariat.