House of Joy (Preethi Niwasa) - Thalawa

House of Joy (Preethi Niwasa) - ප්‍රීති නිවස is a home for orphans, abandoned, and helpless children founded in 1957 by the missionary Evelyn Carney; and presently administered by the Bishop of the Diocese of Kurunagala, and girls are admitted under the supervision of the Department of Probation and Child Protection Authority, North Central Province.

At present, a girl who has passed G E C (A/L) dedicated her life to the ministry of God and receiving training at Evelyn Home, Kandy. Also, two girls studying for GEC (O/L) examination and one girl studying for GEC (A/L) are attending classes via zoom technology while doing the other activities. The two girls who sat for the GEC (O/L) last year both got through the exam. The girls are also involved in gardening and landscaping activities.

We are happy to thank God who provides for and guides us in every way. Also, thank and pray for the blessing upon our Lord Bishop, Venerable Archdeacon, Wardens and the parishioners of Thalawa church, Wardens of the house, and those who contributed to us in many ways for the development of the House of Joy.


House of Joy, Thalawa
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House of Joy Orphanage - ThalawaHouse of Joy Orphanage - Thalawa