Evelyn Nurseries - Kandy

Evelyn Nurseries founded in 1928 by the late Ms. Lena Chapman continues its services of caring for girls of less privileged families providing them with shelter, food, security, education, other basic needs and recreational facilities for 94 years. There are 19 girls at present attending Hillwood College, Gothami Vidyalaya and Mowbray College for their education.

We take care of twenty children in our Day Care Centre during the five days of the week with the assistance of two matrons.

Recent updates

Y.M.C.A. Kandy organized an Essay competition in March 2022 and a Holy Week program in April. 5 of our girls participated in the Essay Competition which was eventually held in April and 3 girls participated in the Holy Week program.

Students of the TCL conducted a series of programs for our children on Saturdays which were concluded in April.

Rev. Sanath & Mrs. Ruth Medagamgoda along with some others conducted a 'Lama Pubuduwa' for the girls which were attended by children from St. Paul's Church Sunday School as well.

Rev. Sanath Medagamgoda holds Bible Studies for the girls on Thursdays whenever possible.

The deteriorating economic situation in the country is a heavy burden on our financial situation. The escalating prices of basic essential items such as provisions, fuel, gas, etc., added to many of these being not available has been a serious concern in meeting the day-to-day requirements of the children.


Evelyn Nurseries, Sangaraja Mawatha, Kandy
081 222 4332