Youth Movement

Church of Ceylon Diocese of Kurunegala Youth Movement always attempts to implement various programs for the betterment of our Diocese; there are difficulties in implementing them due to the adverse conditions, and challenges prevailing in the country. But we attempt to improve our youth movement and bring youths to spiritually and physically successful lives. Considering the situation our discussion is going through the following programs that we will implement in the future.

Our Foundation

As youth belonging to God's world we believe that it is our duty to glorify God through our lives and work. Based on this motive we outline the programmes and experiences of the year.

Past news

We have been organized a few events for the year 2021 such as Night Vigil worships, Annual Youth Conference, Shramadhana campaigns, Cricket Tournament and Debate Matches. But unexpectedly we were unable to organize well the scheduled events mostly due to the Covid -19 pandemic and driven by many other obstacles such as the challenge of mobilizing youths in each parish. But as an energetic youth movement, we have decided to go for spiritual activities while we were all in a time of giving up hope. So, we have planned to do worship online by joining all parish youths in this process. We have conducted around 5 online worships and the initial worship has done by the committee of the Church of Ceylon Youth Movement and for rest of the worship has been conducted by the invited priests, Brothers, and the youths representing our Diocese of Kurunagala. These online worships brought us a new experience and it was a great chance to gather us all together at a time of distance. Many youths have participated in these worship progranmes inspired. Also, we had a chance to do a combined online session with the Church of Ceylon Diocese of Colombo Youth Movement and it was a great experience for our youth members to engage with the members of the Diocese of Colombo.

40th Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held at the Cathedral Church in Kurunagala on 27th October 2012. This event was held with the presence of the Lord Bishop and the Archdeacon. In accordance with the new constitution chaplains for the Youth Movement were appointed as follows.

  1. Age 14-18 : Revd. Mahesh Hemachandra and Revd. Michael Saminathan
  2. Age 19-29 : Revd. Ravindran and Revd. Sanath Medagamgoda
  3. Age 30-35 : Revd. Neil Wimalaratna

Career Guidance Program

This program was conducted for the executive committee members of the Movement on 12th January 2013 at the Cathedral Church in Kurunagala. This Career Guidance Program was conducted by the Segi University in Malaysia under the theme of "Professional Skill Improvement"

Vigil and All Night Prayer Day

In the hope of developing the spirituality of the Youth during the Lenten period, the first program was held on 25th February 2013, at St. Andrew's Church Polgahawela with the participation of 30 young men and women.The next stage of the above pragramme was held on 25th March 2013 at St. Andrew's Church Gampola with the participation of 50 youths.

United Sports Day

A Sports day, in commemoration of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, was held at the Thalampitiya Maha Vidyalaya grounds on 27th April 2013. This pragramme was conducted with St. Andrew's Church Thalampitiya and the senior members of the Youth Movement.

Programmes for the Current Year

• Annual Trip
• Cricket Tournament
• Leadership Training
• Young adult Camp
• Annual Youth Conference
• Celebration of 40th Anniversary
• Fund-raising programmes
• Christmas Programme