Christhodaya Farm

Christhodaya farm situated 1.5 km away from Kurunagala town and its surrounding is a very valuable and important resource for the Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Kurunagala. The 06 acres (known as Hillwood building), 15 acres (around Bubula well), undivided paddy field, 01 acres of "Wadula" paddy cultivation, 17 acres land 2 acres of paddy land (presently given to Wayaba Technical College), and 17 perches of land built Christhodaya farm shop (opposite Negambo Road) is the grate treasures which belongs to the Diocese of Kurunagala, based on vision and mission of late Bishop Lakshman Wickramasinghe. Christhodaya's vision is to rehabilitate the rural and estate youths who are suffering from various physical and mental illnesses and direct them to the economic and social processes of our country.

"He makes grass grow for the Cattle, and plants for man to cultivate – bringing forth food from the earth."

- Pslam 104:04

From 2019 - 2020 Christhodaya farm had been given a lease for 7 outside parties under various tax basis, and now except for two, all the other agreements are already been released. At present two court cases on paddy fields and the land acquired by some people by force. The documentary information confirmed that the Christhodaya Farm(land) had been declared as a “Charitable Institution” Act No. 4 of 1963, section 16 as amended by Act No. 6 of 1969 under the land revenue Act. We thank God for the vision that was given to the late Bishop Lakshman Wickramasinghe for the establishment of the Reign of God. We anticipate presenting the gazette notification to the court soon and asserting our rights.

Current information

The coconut plants were planted on about 8 acres with the assistance of the Church of Ceylon Environment Committee and with other donors (we extend sincere thanks to the Environment Committee for their valuable commitment and we pray and remember the life and ministry of late Dr. Lakmini Illangasinghe and may soul rest in peace and rise in glory).

We express sincere gratitude to our Lord Bishop and Mrs. Arlene Fernando for intercropping and horticulture in Christhodaya's bare land.

Paddy cultivation was done as usual.

The piggery farm was also continued.

For the convenience of the Christhodaya farm and other activities, we were able to purchase a Tractor (TAFE).

The Treasurer Mr. Shamara Dunusinghe already finalized accounts and it's ready to forward audited accounts for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

The Rev. Stanly Premakumara has been appointed as the new Director, by the Bishop of Kurunagala in February 2022.

Christhodaya Farm in KurunegalaChristhodaya Farm in KurunegalaChristhodaya Farm in KurunegalaChristhodaya Farm in Kurunegala