The Bishop Andrew Kumarage Memorial Centre - Thalawa

Welcome to our prestigious Centre, renowned for hosting a wide array of camps, seminars, and meetings while offering exceptional accommodation facilities. We take pride in providing a space that caters to diverse needs and fosters community engagement and social welfare activities.

Key Features

🏕️ Versatile Venue

Our Centre serves as the perfect backdrop for camps, seminars, and meetings, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants. With our facilities and attentive staff, your event is set to be a resounding success.

🤝 Community Engagement

We believe in giving back to the community. That's why we open our doors for community needs and other social welfare activities, providing a platform to support various initiatives and make a positive impact.

🏛️ Auditorium

Our spacious auditorium, complete with fans for optimal comfort, sets the stage for impactful presentations, dynamic discussions, and memorable performances.

🛌 Dormitory-Style Accommodation

Rest in our thoughtfully designed dormitory-style accommodation. With convenient toilets and showers, we ensure a comfortable stay for all guests.

🛏️ Private Rooms

We offer a selection of cozy single and double rooms, each featuring an attached bathroom. These intimate spaces provide a personal touch for those seeking privacy during their stay. Bed linen is provided.

💻 Computer Center

Enhance your event with the latest technology at our well-equipped computer center. Whether it's interactive presentations, workshops, or training sessions, our facilities are designed to meet your technological needs.

💰 Affordable Pricing

We understand the importance of a budget-friendly venue. That's why we offer very reasonable charges.


The Bishop Andrew Kumarage Memorial Centre, Kurunegala Road, Thalawa
025 2276 403
The Bishop Andrew Kumarage Memorial Centre - ThalawaThe Bishop Andrew Kumarage Memorial Centre - ThalawaThe Bishop Andrew Kumarage Memorial Centre - ThalawaThe Bishop Andrew Kumarage Memorial Centre - Thalawa