11th November 2022
Sahan Kavishka Dissanayake

The Centenary Celebrations of the Holy Trinity Chapel Kandy

Our Boyhood's Home

Holy Trinity Church Kandy, The first chapel which was built originally in the car park area of the college will celebrate its 100th Year a couple of months later. This Chapel was dedicated to the service of God in 1935. And it still stands as one of the great architectural undertakings in Sri Lanka. As We all know Revd. Gaster, A fine architect himself is the inventor of all these fresh architectural ideas.

Whenever We talk about this historical and prestigious chapel, We can't forget the central role this chapel played for over 9 decades in Trinity College Kandy. And while talking about that We shouldn't forget the murals of this church done by an old boy and a famous artist David Paynter.

The main mural behind the altar was something unique and special. The Crusification is its theme. And he completed it by dropping European styles and making that mural a "Sri Lankan" one. If you checked it closely the face of Jesus Christ is much similar to the common Sri Lankan face cuts. As it was said in Bible that Jesus was crucified on the mount of Calvary Out from the walls of Jerusalem, Paynter drew the environment which is full of rocks and lush mangroves as We can often see in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

The other murals of " Washing the feet" and "Good Samaritan" which are also indigenous paintings are behind the pulpit and lectern and the first mural of Paynter was " Are Ye Able" is in the Side Chapel named as the Chapel of Light Of the world.

Trinity College Kandy Chapel is functioning as a parish church of the Diocese Of Kurunegala which is administrated by an appointed Priest, Who will be also the Chaplain of Trinity College Kandy. In 1950 Bishop Lakdasa De Mel was consecrated as the first Bishop of the Diocese in this historical chapel. We remember the Chaplains who worked here with gratitude.