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Easter Message of the Bishop of Kurunegala

9th Arhcdeacon of Kurunegala

We are in the season of Easter – the season of new life. As Christians we know that Easter is the foundation of our faith. For our meditation on Easter I would like to ask you three questions. What is Easter? How do we understand Easter? And what is the meaning of Easter for us today? 
What is Easter? 

9th Archdeacon of Kurunegala - Revd. George Melder

9th Arhcdeacon of Kurunegala

After much Prayers and reflections, The Bishop of Kurunagala  Rt. Revd. Keerthisiri Fernando has invited Revd. George Melder to be the 9th Archdeacon of Kurunagala. Revd George Melder is presently the vicar at St. Peter and St. Pauls Church, Hewadiwela


To serve the people of God and the body of Christ with utmost commitment, love, with true discipleship and to witness for His incarnation, death and resurrection.

We acknowledge that all this is the Grace of God and that we have nothing that is not from God. In this gratitude we set our wills to fulfill the work of representing the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church so that the people of this land will find a new spirituality and true community in the new creation. We pray that the life and witness of our church contribute to the wider life and witness of the Church of God in Sri Lanka, Asia and the world: and that this in turn will lead all people to the truth in God.

The Church
The Church of England in Ceylon came into being with the establishment of British rule in Sri Lanka and the Diocese of Colombo comprising the whole island was formed in 1845. At the centenary celebrations of the Diocese in 1945 a resolution moved for creation of a second diocese to enable better pastoral care of its congregations and more effective mission of the Church. Thus began the Diocese of Kurunagala in 1950 with Rt. Revd. Lakdasa de Mel as its first Bishop.More

During British rule in Ceylon, the spreading of the gospel according to the Church of England was undertaken by three church organizations. The Church Missionary Society (CMS) operated principally in the rural areas. The society for the propagation of the Gospel (SPG) covered the coastal areas with extensive networks. The Tamil Church Mission which operated under British tutelage catered for the plantation areas. Thus the rural base of the Diocese of Kurunagala was a historical factor stemming from the activities of the Church of England in the nineteenth century. (1950-2000)... More

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