2023 June 26

Youth Movement Plans Grand Youth Camp at Hatton Green Hills Meditation Center to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

The Church of Ceylon Youth Movement - Diocese of Kurunagala, is all set to host an exciting Youth Camp at the picturesque Hatton Green Hills Meditation Center. The event, organized to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the youth movement, aims to bring together more than 300 young participants from various parishes across the Diocese of Kurunagala.

The eagerly anticipated Youth Camp, scheduled from July 20th to July 23rd, promises to be a memorable gathering filled with spiritual enrichment, educational activities, and fellowship among young individuals.

The Youth Movement has sent a heartfelt request to all the priests within the diocese, urging them to encourage and refer young people from their respective parishes to attend the Youth Camp. With the support of the entire diocesan community, the organizers hope to surpass their target of 300 participants and create an environment of spiritual inspiration.

The Youth Camp will feature various activities, including insightful workshops, interactive discussions, team-building exercises, sports competitions, and opportunities for artistic expression. Moreover, the Youth Camp will provide a platform for young individuals to voice their opinions, exchange ideas, and engage in open dialogue on relevant societal issues.

The Diocese of Kurunagala Youth Movement's Youth Camp at Hatton Green Hills Meditation Center marks an important milestone in the organization's journey of empowering and nurturing young individuals within the Church of Ceylon.

In closing, as the Diocese of Kurunagala Youth Movement prepares to embark on this milestone celebration, the words of Exodus 3:14 resonate powerfully: "I am who I am." This biblical quote reminds us of the eternal presence of God and serves as a guiding light for all participants of the Youth Camp.

"I am who I am." - Exodus 3:14

For more information and registration details, interested individuals are encouraged to contact their respective parish priests.