2022 November 10

The new website of Kurunagala Diocese is launched

Kurunagala Diocese has launched a modern website by updating the old website. Revd. Anuruddha Bandara, Priest-in-Charge of Rathmeewala and Kadugannawa churches, took the initiative for this.

For a long time, the official website of Kurunagala Diocese had an old look. The reason for this was that the current technology has improved more than the technology at the time the website was started. This website should have been updated but it was delayed due to the difficulty in finding the necessary resources. But because Father Anuruddha Bandara took the lead in this and an experienced software engineer, Lanil Marasinghe who was a member of the diocese joined this project, it became possible to launch a modern website.

Diocese news and other information are expected to be published on this new website.

We are grateful to be able to present something new and valuable to the Diocese.