2024 March 29

Bishop Nishantha Fernando Joins 'Good Friday Reflection' Program on Sirasa TV

The Rt. Rev. Nishantha Fernando, Bishop of the Diocese, recently made a significant appearance on the television program 'Good Friday Reflection' aired on Sirasa TV. The program, which aired on March 29th, provided viewers with a profound insight into the significance of Good Friday and the Easter season.

Joining Bishop Fernando on the program was the esteemed Bishop Valence Mendis, the respected leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chilaw. Together, they offered reflections and insights into the spiritual essence of Good Friday and its relevance in the Christian faith.

The 'Good Friday Reflection' program served as a platform for Bishop Fernando and Bishop Mendis to share their wisdom and perspectives on the profound meaning behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and its implications for believers worldwide. Their thoughtful commentary aimed to deepen viewers' understanding of the solemnity and significance of Good Friday within the context of the Easter season.

For those who missed the broadcast, the recorded program is available for viewing on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyhjtnPpPAA.