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Independence Day Message - From the Bishop of Kurunagala

Sri Lanka is celebrating Seventy Years of Independence from the colonial past in this year 2018. The journey towards our independence and the journey from the independent era towards the modern times has not been easy. There have been much points of debate, conflicts and continued struggles. Sometimes we as the citizens and onlookers doubt why a small nation such as ours with people such as us who are naturally friendly and smiling, cannot live in peace and Unity. Unity in our country has had many changes made to its meaning through these seventy years. Our country is blessed with many resources from natural to biodiversity to a rich heritage to human potential. Our country is even more blessed to have within us many of the great religious traditions, cultures, languages and ideologies. All these aspects have enriched the life of the country from many years even before the foreign rule set in. On an important occasion such as this, we must ask from ourselves whether we treat this diversity or mixture as our strength or as our threat? Read More >>


The Service of the Episcopal Ordination and Enthronement of the 6th Bishop of Kurunagala of the Church of Ceylon (Anglican) Diocese of Kurunagala

The Episcopal Ordination and Enthronement of The Ven. Devapriya Keerthisiri Fernando as the 6th Bishop of Kurunagala of the Anglican Church in Sri Lanka, known as the Church of Ceylon, will take place at a special celebration and service which will be held at the Cathedral Church of Christ the King, Kurunagala on Saturday, the 6th of January, 2018 from 8.30 am.

This service will be graced by many Bishops from all over the world, Christian and non-Christian Clergy, Political Leaders and Ministers, Local & foreign and a very large number of worshippers.

All are Invited

ලංකා සභාවේ (ඇන්ග්ලිකානු) කුරුණෑගල දියෝකීසියේ 6 වන රදගුරු හිමිපාණන් ආසනාරූඨ කිරිමේ විශේෂ දේවමෙහෙය වන්දනීය දේවප‍්‍රිය කීර්තිසිරි ප‍්‍රනාන්දු අනුනායක පියතුමා, ලංකා සභාවේ (ඇන්ග්ලිකානු) කුරුණෑගල දියෝකීසියේ 6 වන රදගුරු හිමිපාණන් ලෙස, සංස්කාරකර, ආසනාරූඨ කිරිමේ විශේෂ දේවමෙහෙය, 2018 ජනවාරි මස 06 වන සෙනසුරාදා, පෙ:ව:8.30 ට, කුරුණෑගල ක‍්‍රිස්තු රජීද මුල් දෙව් මැදුරේදි අති උත්සවාකාරයෙන් පැවැත්වේ. එදින පැවැත්වෙන විශේෂ දේවමෙහෙය සදහා දෙස් විදෙස් රදගුරුවරු, කිතුනු හා අන්‍යාගමික පූජකවරු, දේශපාලනික නායකවරු හා මැති ඇමතිවරු, දෙස් විදෙස් ප‍්‍රභූවරු ඇතුලූ බැතිමතුන් විශාල පිරිසක් සහභාගි වීමට නියමිතය. ඔබ සැමට ගෞරවණිය ආරාධනා !

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