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Children´ Home

Evelyn Nurseries — Kandy
At present we have twenty one children ranging from five years to eighteen years of age, resident in the home. Six of them attend Hillwood College and fifteen of them attend Gothami Girls´ College for their basic education. Most of them come from either broken homes, very poor homes or from families that cannot afford to provide their daughters with the basic education they need. It is a known fact that proper nurturing is very important at this growing up age.

As we need to improve the grades of our children in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Sinhala and Economics, we have had to incur an additional expense to provide extra help or private tuition in these subjects, specially to the two students who will be sitting their GCE(O/L) exam, this year.

Other Activities
Our children actively participate in all extra curricular co curricular activities and sports in school, performing well in every field. We need to provide for their progress and are continuously looking for assistance to achieve the same.
They also actively participate in Church activities and Sunday school activities, representing St. Paul´s Church, Kandy at the Diocesan competitions and singing in the choir. They also participated in a special World Children´s day programme.

Furbishing : As the existing buildings are quite old renovation at regular intervals has become very necessary. The old tiles had to be replaced with asbestos roofing sheets and the parapet retaining walls had to be renovated due to the earth slips caused by the recent heavy rain.

Day Care Centre : We take care of twenty children in our Day Care Centre during the five days of the week with the assistance of two matrons. Ms Miriam and Ms Sabreen of Denmark spent three months with us voluntarily and assisting us in all our needs voluntarily. We thank them very much for their commitment. Celebrating the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in April was a remarkable event.

Obituary : We grieve the sudden passing away of a much loved old girl, Ms Neelakanthi De Alwis, who contributed in every possible way towards the upliftment of our children. May her soul rest in peace.
Evelyn Nursery : Contact No : 081-2224332
Address : Evelyn Nurseries, Sangaraja Mawatha, Kandy
House Of Joy, Talawa
It is with much gratitude that I write this report adding another year to the long history of Preethi Nivasa, which is led by a team consisting of Revd. Sanath Medagamgoda, the Warden and Deputy Warden. The Advisory Board consists of the Colombo Thalawa Mission, and the Mothers´ Union of the Church of St.Michael´s and all Saints Church.


We have 17 Children in the home and are thankful to Ms.Jayona Sosu and Ms Barbara Praesoody for their effort to secure funds to run this home. Ms Michael Johnson and Ms Ashwini Nithin, two well wishers, visited our home on 13/02/2013 with Ms. Jayana Sosu and Ms. Barbara Praesoody. We are happy to learn that our estimate for urgent requirements has been approved by their Agency and the funds will be released in due course.

God´s grace has been showered on us in abundance as we have donors contributing their mite from the vicinity and from far in cash, dry rations, clothes, school stationery and special needs. St.Michael´s Church pays for our dry rations. The Thalawa Mission Board pays the salaries for the Warden and Deputy Warden, while the Mother´s Unions of Colombo and Kandy pay the monthly bills for Administration, Water, Electricity, telephone and the students´ tuition classes. The Mothers Union of All Saints Church, Pettah provided all the needs for a prayer room, for the children. We are thankful to these Donors and those who worked to make it possible. A few of our students participated in the Diocesan Bible Quiz and the children´s rally this year bringing back many awards and prizes. They were the runners up of under 12 Bible Quiz of 2012. They have also participated in Choirs. They participated in the International Children´s Day 2012 organized by the Dept. of Probation and Child welfare and were taken on a tour to Nuwara Eliya. The Grade 7 Students joined in the annual excursion of Navodya School, Thalawa and visited the “Athkanda Viharaya”, Parliament, Museum, Fort, Galleface, Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya and our children also participated in the Sinhala/Tamil New-year festival held in the Anuradhapura Prison Grounds and won many prizes. The children studying in Advanced Level classes participated in the Inter Home Handwork competition held by the Dept. of Probation & Child Welfare.

One of our Children studies at Hillwood College, Kandy. She was successful at her G.C.E. (O/L) exam in 2012 and is now studying for her A/Levels. We have 2 children sitting for their A/Levels and one for her O/Levels this year.

We also held the Silver Jubilee of the Church of Living Christ on 6/7/2013 with a service of Holy Communion and special programme.

The children by the grace of God have been in good health during the year.

We thank our Lord Bishop for the courage and guidance he has given us. We also thank the Board of Mission, Colombo, St.Michael´s Church, All Saints Church and the Colombo/Kandy Mothers Unions, Sr.Piyona of Scottland, Ms.Barbara Praesoody, Ms Micheal Johnson, Ms. Ashwini Nithin, Members of the Dept of Probation and Child Welfare, Hospital Staff, Neighbours, and the Board of Management for all their support and contribution towards the Welfare of the Institution.

We thank God for His wisdom, guidance and grace.

House of Joy, Talawa Contact No : 025- 2276170
Address : House of Joy, Talawa

The St. John´s boys´ Home — Kegalle
Established in 1943, the St. John´s Boys´ Home now has 30 children in residence. Resources that exist do not permit us to increase the number of children. Although it is necessary to renovate the buildings and improve infrastructure facilities at the Home, priority has to be given to basic needs such as meals, clothing, health, education and spiritual development.

Health and Physical Development: All the children are in good health and engage in daily physical exercises. They also participate in school sports activities. Dr. Ms. Lakmini Illangasinghe examined all the children and those who had visual defects were provided with spectacles. We appreciate the kind gesture of Mr. Vidurajith Panditharatne and his family who donated school material for the children.

Education and Spiritual Development: The children at the Home attend school and one boy sat the G.C.E. (Ordinary Level) Examination. Two boys who sat the G.C.E (Advanced Level) examination and were unable to obtain successful results are now preparing to sit the examination again. Six boys will sit the G.C.E (Ordinary Level) Examination in 2014 and are preparing themselves with great effort, attending extra tuition lessons in the subjects of English, Sinhala, Mathematics and Music.

All the boys attend the Sunday Holy Communion Service while a few of them serve as altar boys and others help to arrange and decorate the church. The children attend the Sunday-school and participate in quizes and competitions conducted by the Sunday-school. Daily devotions and weekly children’s club activities are conducted by the children. Participation in such activities has had a positive impact on their education and spiritual development.

Department of Probation and Childcare: The St. John´s Boys Home is registered as a children&´s home in the Department of Probation and Childcare. All activities of the Home are monitored by the Department and it provides financial support to supplement requirements of the residents. The Department provided Rs. 560,592/- last year as funds for basic needs and maintenance allowance. This year the Department sponsored the annual excursion for the children to visit the harbour and airport in Hambantota, as well as other places of interest and scenic beauty in this area. It was a notable feature that two officers of the Department participated in the excursion. We are grateful for the support and coordination in all official work extended by the former Commissioner Ms. Dileeka Dharmadasa. We welcome the newly appointed Commissioner Ms. B.O.L. Ratnasekere.

Christmas Celebrations: The Christmas Festival was organised by the Buddha Jayanthi Children´s Home, Kegalle with the leadership and patronage of Rt. Rev. Shantha Francis, the Lord Bishop of Kurunagala. Children of all Homes supported by the state participated in this spectacular event. All the children joined in singing of Christmas carols. It was a very happy and memorable occasion for them and they received gifts too.

Contributions of Thorner Parish, England: A pen-friend club between the Parishioners of St. Peter´s Church, students of Thorner College and the children of our Home has been initiated through the coordination of Ms. Joan Lewis of England and Ms. Lorna Gunatilleke of Sri Lanka. Strong friendships have developed between the children who exchange letters and greetings on birthdays, Christmas and Easter. Last year the Parish of Thorner gifted one thousand pounds (1000₤) towards Christmas and Easter activities of the Home. In addition, Ms. Christine Jack has donated funds for the educational needs of two boys.

Financial Situation: Although there were deficits in the Annual Estimated Budget it was possible to manage all activities of the Home without utilising fixed deposits (savings) due to the contributions of philanthropists. The contributions received from England, Australia and Sweden was a great support in our tasks.

Appreciation: I wish to express my grateful appreciation to the following organisations and individuals who have supported us.

  • Mr. Sandya Indraneela Ariyaratne of Australia, and his friends for their contribution of Rs. 600,000/- together with clothes, books and stationery.
  • St.Paul´s Church, Kandy, and the Management Committee of Evelyn Nurseries for the provision of dry rations and Christmas gifts.
  • Ms. Sagarika Sirisena of Australia and her family, for the donation of sports goods, library books and a cash contribution.
  • The Youth Fellowship of the Baptist Church in Kotikawatte, for organising an enjoyable one-day programme and presentation gifts.
  • The Elders´ Society of St. Michael´s Church, Kollupitiya, for their contribution of cash, gifts and a wonderful tea party.
  • Ms. Nisansala Gerry and family of Australia, for the lunch and gifts donated in remembrance of the services rendered by Rt. Rev. Lakdasa de Mel and Rt. Rev. Andrew Kumarage.
  • The Women´s Committees of St. Andrew´s Church, Nawalapitiya and St. Andrew´s Church, Gampola for organising a programme for spiritual development. We thank them for the refreshments and gifts for children too.
  • The teachers and students of ETS Computer Training Centre for organising a variety entertainment and the gifts presented.
  • The teachers and students of the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, Hewadiwela for organising a programme of Christmas carols together with our children, and presenting gifts with refreshments for all.
  • Mr. Ranjith Silva for assembling all past residents of the Home, who are in Sri Lanka and overseas, and planning to assist the home in the future.
  • Mr. Francis Gunasekere for methodically maintaining the accounts of our Home. Ms. Lorna Gunatilleke, Mr. D.M.S.V. Seneviratne, Ms. Ajantha Padmini, Mr. Sameera Athulage, and Mr. Sumith Gunaratne for conducting tuition classes for the children.
  • To all who made it possible to celebrate children´s birthday anniversaries.
  • The Matron and staff of the Home, the Management Committee, Officers of the Department of Probation and Childcare, Trustees of the St. John´s Church, the Venerable Archdeacon and members of the Standing Committee, and the Lord Bishop, Rt.Rev.Shantha Francis for the support and guidance extended to me throughout the year.

Kegalle Boys Home : Contact No : 077-9673448, 035-2223045
Address :No. 11, Mirihella Road, Kegalle
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