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Board of women´s Work

It has been the hand of God that has guided us, the members of the new committee, in organizing many new programs for the benefit of all the women of our Diocese. We were able to draw from the talents of our members who contributed wholeheartedly towards the success of the many programs we have conducted. All praise and glory to God!

Our Aim
Our aim for this year was to:
• Provide vocational training to under privileged women to begin a domestic industry which would provide their households with economic stability.
• To find our own funding for the above project without obtaining assistance from the Diocese.
• To assist the above families by providing the necessary equipment to start the domestic industry of their choice.

With God´s grace we were able to conduct three "bring and buy" sales which was a huge success. Now, we are not only capable of accomplishing the above tasks but also to provide vestments for those in the Ministry, to provide in a small way towards the urgent needs of our churches, and to have an exhibition and award prizes for the best achievers at the end of the year.

Workshops & Training programs:
As planned in our program for the year, we conducted three workshops in which we learnt how to make Date Wine, Grape Wine, Christmas cake, various kinds of Chutney and Manioc Cutlets. It has been planned that these products would be prepared and provided by the women for their churches.
A tailoring course was conducted with the assistance of the Vocational Institute of Holy Emmanuel Church, Hanguranketa.
A course in Fabric Painting was held at St. Andrews Church, Gampola. Many women participated and have taken interest in teaching others the skill. The women’s Board sponsored three of our women for this training program.

Women´s Fairs (Kithu Kantha Pola):
We have been successfully conducting fairs in our parishes such as the Kurunagala Pola, Getambe Pola, Gampola Pola, etc, to collect funds for our projects.

Annual Bible Quiz:
With the participation of thirteen teams we were able to achieve our goal of improving the Bible knowledge of our members.

World Women´s Day Celebrations:
Instead of having one service in the Diocese to celebrate this day, this year, we had our members conduct services in their own Parishes. With the guidance of the Priest-in-charge, they participated where ever possible in the Holy Communion Service. By this our aim of involving our members in ministerial activity was achieved.

The Bi-annual Meeting:
This was held at the Cathedral of Christ the King, Kurunagala. A special lecture on counseling was held on that day.

Lenten Bible Studies:
Our members conducted a series of Lenten Bible Studies and prayer meetings in the homes of their parishioners.

Our Future Programmes :
• To work hard to develop the standard of the House Churches of our Diocese.
• To spread the Love of Jesus by helping the inmates of our Elders’ Homes and Orphanages by providing for their urgent and counseling needs.
• To conduct Health Camps to help the sick.
• To share the practical knowledge we gained through training and workshops with the women of our House Churches.
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